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Alex Baams - Portret
alex baams
eager to dive in and bring my skills to the table

freelance 3D artist
   utrecht, the netherlands
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I am a 3D artist with a background as an oil-painter. I have a degree in Fine Arts and my work has been exhibited internationally.

I come with built-in strong social communication and organizational skills, with a punching quality-control. I can explain complex concepts in a clear and understandable way to clients and team members. I’m always actively looking for feedback to get the best results out of each project. 

I address projects with a focus on innovation and creativity, seeking to explore new techniques and technologies to stay at the forefront of my field.

Having worked in various creative fields, I’ve developed a unique perspective on the creative process, which allows me to manage each project with a diverse set of skills and techniques, from start to finish.


What's your story? Let’s get in touch and collaborate on something cool.

allround 3D design, artdirection, social teamplayer,
graphic design screen to print, drawing, oil painter
blender, photoshop CC, indesign CC


asset design, art direction, graphic design, illustrations,
theater design, social-media campaigns



2016 - 2018
art & education

2006 - 2010
St. Joost, School of Art & Design (NL)
fine arts

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